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Pyrex OCuisine Round 1L 20cm Glass Fridge Freezer Food Box Container Oven Dish with Lid

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Medium round Pyrex OCuisine - Temperature change resistant allows immediate movement between freezer, fridge, microwave, oven & table - Glass food storage box container / dish with lid - H 5 x W 20 x D 20cm
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Pyrex OCuisine Round 1L 20cm Glass Fridge Freezer Food Box Container Oven Dish with Lid
Very versatile medium round glass oven dish and fridge freezer food storage box container dish from with lid. Because Pyrex's unique glass doesn't crack, shatter or break when it changes temperature you can make things in this dish then freeze the whole thing, allowing you to have ready to go meals several weeks later which you can take straight from the freezer and put in the fridge, microwave or oven. You can also run under cold water if washing up soon after serving from oven and it won't crack. Pyrex is internationally owned but has its own glass factory in France. All Pyrex in Britain & Europe uses borosilicate glass which offers outstanding performance at any temperature, in simple terms it never breaks. Often known as tempered glass, Pyrex products are extremely resistant to chips, cracks, breakage from dropping and smashing from a sudden change in temperature. If you take a cheap oven dish out of a hot oven and wash up in cold water it can often crack due to the sudden change in temperature causing expansion or shrinking. This never happens with Pyrex making it freezer, fridge, oven, microwave & dishwasher safe, and enabling you to move Pyrex product very quickly from one temperature to another. We stock Pyrex because we believe it's the best glass freezer to oven to table to dishwasher product available, you can literally freeze a 'Pyrex meal' in its container and put it straight in the oven to cook. Many Pyrex products now come with lids making them excellent normal kitchen fridge storage as well as their other well known uses. In addition the classic look of clear glass will never go out of fashion so Pyrex stays with your kitchen for life. H 5 x Dia 20cm (2 x 8 inches).Key Features: Rapid temperature change resistance; Can be frozen with meal in it; Can be taken from freezer and put directly in fridge, microwave or oven; Easy grip glass handles; Stain proof; Dishwasher proof.
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