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Storage freshener & moth deterrent


Everything we sell has an exclusive guarantee.

It's exclusive because either nobody else offers same guarantee on same product, or we add extra years to a manufacturers guarantee which achieves the same superior benefit to you.

Length of guarantee is usually shown next to the product you're looking at. We also extend all manufacturer guarantees by 1 year.

If length of guarantee is not stated it is automatically 1 year. Where a branded product displays a manufacturer guarantee on its packaging and/or paperwork we will add an extra 1 year to it unless it's a lifetime guarantee in which case it's impossible to cover you for longer (e.g. 10 years is extended to 11 years).

We can be this confident in our products because we only source stock from genuine well established manufacturers and their approved wholesalers. This means that unlike marketplaces we know none of our stock is counterfeit, refurbished, second hand or poor quality.

We will fully replace and deliver free of charge within the number of years stated. Before replacing we will just require a photograph of the issue with your product, and may then need you to return product to us (so we can return to the manufacturer for you and order replacement from same manufacturer if we don't have stock in that week). If we and/or the manufacturer no longer make and/or stock the identical product we will offer you the closest same brand alternative that does exactly the same job (if not we will refund). If returning a product we're not liable for any damage in transit so please (1) use a lot of padded protection on fragile items and (2) add insurance to your delivery service (usually only £1 or £2) should you need to claim from courier for damage.

Our only small print is common sense, for example a full set will not be replaced if the set comprises separate parts and only 1 part of set has issue (e.g. 1 faulty storage bag from a set of 6 storage bags where 5 bags work perfectly, or 1 lid on a set of 3 kitchen canisters that are otherwise perfect). And if a returned item has obviously not been used for the purpose we stated on our website when we sold you the product then we obviously reserve the right to refuse replacement (e.g. a storage bag with cuts in suggests a sharp blade has cut it rather than a faulty seam with thread coming away, or an indoor product with moss or mould on would suggest it's been used outside when it was sold for indoor use - it's common sense really).

A replacement will always be offered before a refund. Refunds are usually restricted to certain time frames, please check the latest Trading Standards guidelines for your country which we always follow. Refunds are usually only used for shorter term issues closer to when you purchased product that are nothing to do with the product lasting a reasonable period of time, such as 'changing your mind', 'not liking product' etc. A guarantee is usually there to keep you covered after any refund periods may expire.

If the manufacturer is stated on the packaging you also have the right to ask them to replace or repair the product within the period they offer. But you can come to us instead if you wish during and for a year after the manufacturer and we will still cover you.