About Us

Places to store nuts & more...

If, unlike most squirrels, you struggle to find a good place to store your stuff, or have difficulty finding things, then you've come to the right place.  

We help scatty squirrels (and sometimes humans too) to organise their lives.  With us you can be sure of being able to tidy up, and find, more than just your nuts!

We're now one of the UK's biggest websites for storage solutions - bags, vacuum storage bags & hanging storage - and have exciting new ranges of kitchen & homeware.

Most of our products come from the same suppliers as John Lewis & Lakeland.  All our products are specially selected to offer the highest quality brands at the best value prices.

All our H & L Russel clothes hangers have a Royal Warrant.  Lock & Lock food storage containers have a lifetime replacement guarantee.  All our vacuum storage bags have a 5 year replacement guarantee.  All our other products have at least a 12 month replacement guarantee

We also ship worldwide to any country.

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